Student Housing In Norwich Second Cheapest Nationally

Student Housing In Norwich Second Cheapest Nationally

Norwich continues to be among the cheapest places for students to live, StuRents have revealed.


StuRents, a professional student property search engine, and tenancy management platform, analysed the student market in 43 locations nationwide. Norwich had the second-lowest rent cost per individual per week at just £84 for student houses. This is an increase of 1.2 percent.


Cambridge was found to have the most high-priced at £142 per person per week. Brighton rents increased the most, climbing very nearly 5 percent in the last 12 months. The study took into account both houses of multiple occupancies (HMOs) and student accommodation that is purpose-built (PBSA).


StuRents said, “As demonstrated earlier this year through pupils participation in the Cut the Rent strikes, yearly rent increases have grown to be an emotive topic, especially as pupils are being burdened with significant amounts of debt upon graduation.


A student could save themselves more than £5,000 over a three-year course “By choosing a university city with lower typical rental costs”. This is not an insignificant amount of money, meaning the amount of rent over the lifetime of a university degree could well become the critical element that is crucial pupils and parents when deciding which university to go to.”


Concrete reported in Issue 328 that the UEA SU was planning to introduce a policy of lease strikes over the increasing costs of student accommodation on campus. The policy was later dropped, and a “Affordable Housing for UEA Students” policy was created by the union council, without the rent strikes provision.


Top 5 for a price increase


  1. Brighton: +4.7%


  1. Exeter: +4.3%


  1. Stirling: +3.9%


  1. Middlesbrough: +3.7%


  1. Glasgow: +3.6%


Bottom 5 for price increase


  1. High Wycombe: 0.0per cent


  1. Gloucester: -0.1%


  1. Dundee: -0.2%


  1. Huddersfield: -1.2%


  1. Cambridge: -1.9%